A Legacy

A Legacy

           As I drive to the Donahue School every Sunday morning for Cornerstone’s worship service I am reminded of the house just down the street that I worked on applying a brick face to its pillars. Throughout the local towns I see homes, businesses and playgrounds that were built by one of the many masons in my family. These structures serve as personal landmarks, constant reminders, of who we are as a family and what we have accomplished. Even the house I live in has the marks of my family’s business. This is our legacy.

           Being a mason requires a great deal of hard work and skill. While this is also true of pastoring a church, I am no longer the master builder. In Matthew 16:18 Jesus said, “I will build My church.” I am only the "trowel" in the hands of the Lord, being used by Him to build His house. As a pastor, I have been handed God’s blueprint, His Word, along with the training to apply it in the lives of His people. Just as I am physically surrounded by the marks of my family, today my desire is to see the mark of God on the hearts and lives of His people. Being a pastor is about leaving a legacy, not my own but the Master Builder’s, Jesus Christ the Cornerstone of our faith. 

What to Expect


We meet every Sunday at 10:00 a.m.in the cafeteria at the Joseph Donahue Elementary School in Barnegat, New Jersey. (Behind the High School) 


We strive to be biblically sound and God focused with our worship. We sing a combination of great classic hymns along with more contemporary music from sources such as; Sovereign Grace Music, The Gettys, and Chris Tomlin to name a few. Our sermons are typically a through-the-bible, verse-by-verse teaching of the Word of God. We are currently learning about the birth of the church in the book of Acts.


Children worship with their parents in the main sanctuary, then go to an age appropriate class in the library. Nursery care, activities, and Sunday school is available up to age 12.


 After the service everyone is invited to join us for refreshments, fellowship, and prayer.