Advent 2019

Service Times
Sunday, 9:30 am
Christmas Eve-Candle Light Service
Tuesday, 7:00 pm

What is wrong with our world and what is God's plan to restore it, and us, to its original glory? Dec 1st begins this amazing Advent series.

Advent-Restoration Promised: Readings

Day 1: Genesis 1:26-31  Listen to the Sermon

Day 2: God’s Presence Genesis 3:8-9  Presence Lost Genesis 24:1-2

Have you ever had someone close to you go away? What was it like when they were gone? How did communication with them change? How do you think it felt for Adam and Eve when God was no longer able to walk with them in the garden? 

Day 3: God’s Provisions Genesis 1:29 Provisions Genesis 3:17-19a

What would it be like if food just grew in your back yard? In what ways would your like be different? What does it take to keep food on your table? Does it match what the Bible says it will be like?

Day 4: God’s rule over man Genesis 2:15-17 Rejection of God’s Will Goodness lost Rom 7:14-25

Man was created as morally good but ever since their rejection of God’s will sin has reigned in man instead. In what ways can you identify with what Paul is saying in Romans 7? How should this fact effect of prayers and reliance on God’s help in being good?

Day 5: Man’s rule over the earth Genesis 1:28    Genesis 9:2

God put man in charge of the world but since man rejected God’s rule over him nature likewise has rejected man’s. How has this fact made your life more difficult?

Day 6: Man’s Life Genesis 2:7      Life Lost Genesis 3:19  

Man was given the literal breath of God for life but as a consequence of sin death now reigns. Man broke the unity with God by disbelief in God’s authority. What hope does man have in a world like this? Is there anyway humankind can fix a problem of this magnitude?  

Day 7: Promise Gen 3:15    I John 3:7-8

What does this promise mean for Adam and Eve? Can you describe in one Word what it would give them? Does it give you the same things?

Advent Readings and Discussion
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