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The Trowel and The Hammer are tools of the trade for a mason. Spending seven years in the family business, I learned how to use those tools well. The trowel is used to scoop up the mud from a board which is then slapped (called buttering the wall) on the block wall. The ears of the block are also buttered, all with the purpose of holding the blocks together. The mud needs to have a specific consistency, so it can adequately hold up the block and bond the blocks together. The hammer is used to tap the block into place and if needed, to cut a block to fit in the dimension of the wall. They are two of the essential tools used to lay a solid foundation.

           In this same way, these articles will be a tool to help people in building the foundation of their Christian walk. This introductory article lays the ground work for what is to follow; devotional style articles to help those of Cornerstone Bible Church grow in their study of the Word of God. The Trowel and The Hammer is to work in conjunction with our Discipleship ministry called Stone and Mortar.

The Stone and Mortar are the materials used to build the foundation. 1 Peter 2:4-5 speaks of living stones that are choice and precious in the sight of God. These Living Stones are the people of the church. The Mortar that holds the stone together is the Word of God. The Word of God reveals Jesus Christ as the Cornerstone, the stone that all other stones get their strength and support from. He is our benchmark and His Word reveals how we are to fit together and be built up. I pray you will join me in a journey together in being built up as members of God’s Kingdom, His spiritual house.