April 19, 2020 Cornerstone Bible Church

Acts 27:1-12 Questions

Acts 27:1-12 Questions


1.      Do you only trust God is at work when things go well?

2.      How would your friends and family describe the way you handle difficult situations?

3.      How can verse like Matthew 6:33; Mathew 28:19-20 and Romans 8:28-30 help as you continue to live in today’s troubled world?

4.      Are there faithful people in your life who have been an encouragement to you? How have they encouraged you?

5.      Are you an encouragement to others? What are some ways can you help strengthen someone’s faith?

6.      What guides your decision making?

7.      How do you handle situations when your decision is overridden? Does this mean God is not in control?

8.      God provides all kinds of things for those who seek Him first. In troubled times the greatest provision we need is to have the peace of God in our hearts and minds. Write out three specific things you can do to be more at peace with God’s work in your life, be very, very specific. (Do not just write prayer, read Scripture and listen to sermons. What will you pray, what Scripture will you read, when will you read it? Be that specific.